Vegan Buttered Bourbon

Vegan Buttered Bourbon

Back around 2015, I used to enjoy a a cocktail called a Full Fat Old Fashioned from at the Hawksmoor restaurant, in Soho, London. This was back when I ate steak tartare, and every other animal product between me and the bottom of the plate.

Present day, 2021, it's been a long time since I've consumed an animal product, but my enjoyment of butter and bourbon has yet to decrease.  Below is my (very simple) recipe for making buttered bourbon, and at the same time, bourbon-infused butter.

The resulting liquid is a lovely little experience: the first taste is the butter, full and fatty rolling across the tongue in a rich wave, followed by the bourbon, in this case Maker's Mark cask strength, with its characteristic flavours, the rear brought up by the heat of the alcohol.

I believe the butter would be well used in a cake, and possibly further infused with coffee beans.


  • 375ml bourbon (I used Maker's Mark, cask strength)
  • 114g plant-based butter (I used Myoko's, I think any almond or oat based one would work, but I'd stay away from more vegetable blends including olive oil)


  1. Pour bourbon into sauce pan.
  2. Put butter into bourbon.
  3. Bring to roiling boil, ensuring all butter has melted.
  4. Freeze overnight to separate.
  5. Filter the resulting slurry through washed coffee filter paper and a funnel.
  6. Store both the bourbon and the butter in the fridge.