Supper at Côte

Sir opened this evening’s consumption with foie gras served on brioche, which was (to the quite murmured approval of the audience) lubricated on its way with a snifter of Château la Sabatiere 2005 Monbazillac.

Following a brief round of applause, some polite questions and a brief brow mop, Sir proceeded to the main course: steak frites accompanied by the obligatory mayonnaise and this evening’s choice of accompaniment, Roquefort butter.

Some further questions, and Sir took charge of dessert in his inimitable fashion: crêpe Chantilly, accompanied by strawberries.

A light shoulder massage later and Sir closed the evening with the traditional espresso (single) and the faintest sip of fresh mint tea to cleanse the palate.

Members of the audience congratulated Sir on his excellent choices, and warmly applauded him as he took his leave from the stage.

Sir can next be seen lunching at Princi tomorrow, with a brief round of questions on his inimitable taste and modesty after, with the possibility of autographs.