Sports Technology Minimalism

As I optimise for six months of digital nomadism, I’ve been reviewing a lot of my possessions: what to keep, what to sell, what to donate. Some of this is easy as obvious large swathes of possessions can clearly be released into the material continuum, and some less so. Small things that I use but don’t necessarily benefit from, that take up physical space, mental space, and chronological space, and in the area of this post, sports technology tools I have decided to be without.

The Removed

Thing Purpose Reason for retirement
Stryd Running power meter, very accurate distance measures, holistic running analysis. Garmin has native power that seems to be as accurate, and comparing with a watch that’s not connected to a Stryd, the distance tracking seems to be as accurate.
Ameo PowerBreather Swimming snorkel that allows for land-style breathing I’ve taught myself to swim front crawl ‘properly’ and no longer need it. It seems to slow me down slightly, despite the excellent air delivery, and occupies a lot of physical space.
Ōura Ring HRV-focussed wellness tracker Garmin now presents native HRV, which seems to be as accurate.
Whoop Strap HRV-focussed wellness tracker Duplicate of the Ōura in many ways, expensive, annoying.
Julbo EVAD-1 HUD Unreliable build quality with terrible support. Belongs in the graveyard.
Karoo 2 Bike computer Despite being well-implemented, it just doesn’t do it for me.
Garmin Edge 1030 Bike computer What a big, ugly slab. Can’t stand looking at it.
Omata One Bike computer (analogue) This is hard: I love the Omata, but its unique mount on the back means I never use it.
Garmin silicone strap Watch strap Despite wearing for many years, I’m thoroughly sold in their nylon/Velcro strap.
Swim fins Training/propulsion After my beloved Speedo Nemesis fins tore, I haven't found a pair I enjoy swimming with for more than the occasional technique truing.