Specialisation is for insects?

Specialisation is for insects?

Heinlein wrote that a competent person, a basic type of polymath, should be able to perform the left-hand column of tasks. I've generalised these, and updated them for fun.



Change a diaper

Take care of an infant,

plan an invasion,

create a complex plan,

butcher a hog,

source food,

conn a ship,

navigate between two points,

design a building,

understand needed shelter,

write a sonnet,

communicate beautifully,

balance accounts,

manage resources,

build a wall,

protect resources,

set a bone,

perform basic medical care,

comfort the dying,

comfort a person in distress,

take orders,

work in a hierarchy,

give orders,

manager others,


work with others,

act alone,

work alone,

solve equations,

solve problems that have been solved,

analyze a new problem,

understand a new problem,

pitch manure,

shovel shit,

program a computer,

perform a complex, indirectly related task,

cook a tasty meal,

cook food,

fight efficiently,

defend resources,

die gallantly.

accept failure.

"Specialisation", lest we forget, "is for insects."