Occasionally Sir drinks

And when sir drinks, he likes to get his tripod and snap a long-exposure photograph on occasion.

Depicted here is an empty bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask, kindly donated by the American Contingent. Buoyantly, Sir imbibed the bottle, marking keen observations about its palette, unfortunately the more Laphroaig evaporated, the less inclined Sir was to share is usually deep observations and the more inclined he was to embark on advice to the Leader of the House of Commons with regards to recent disruptions (Sir’s favourite bureau de change was brutally victimised by potential biomass reactor fuel and he hasn’t quite got over it get; quite understandably of course: where else is he to get his Francs from with such an astounding credit line?).

Regardless of Sir’s foibles, it is clear he considered this to be a fine drink, as depicted by the sideways uncorked bottle. He takes particular glee in imbibing Laphroaig from a Talisker glass, delighting in the imagined conflict between the vessel and the medium.

Sir also wishes Laphroaig was less troublesome to spell after analysing.