In’n’Out Burger

Sir is a fond observer of local custom, often following the ravenous hordes to find what titillates their buds in his locus. Today’s salivatory stalking led Sir to In’n’Out Burger, a primarily West-coast chain that proudly proclaims ‘Always fresh, never frozen’.

Brushing his passing thoughts about what chemical preservatives might be used instead of freezing, Sir followed the average order of the queue in front of him, opting for a ‘number 2 without onions’.

“Guest 52, please!”

Eventually Sir was served, although at that point he was creating a fine painting on iPad illustrating the artistic differences between ‘guest’ and ‘prisoner’. Retreating to a table occupied by another of the team, Sir took his seat on the dais, pushed up his sleeves and commenced consumption.

The burger was excellent for a fast-food rated ‘joint’, with a soft bun (made from cake batter, according to the wrapper, which Sir confirmed with his customary skill by the soft, un-developed gluten within). The meat too was good, although not quite enough (Sir did reminisce that he would have preferred a double, and regretted his hedging), with the cheese being a satisfying and gooey imitation. The vegetables were crisp and fresh, as is befitting.

The local ‘fries’ were a let-down to Sir, who considered them to be too chewy, surprisingly so for something so thin. Sir’s reading in the librarium earlier had led him to understand that they will cook them differently, and has vowed to re-visit to experiment with this practice.