Gravel Rides Around Seville

Gravel Rides Around Seville
My Squid Gravtron leaning against a wall

In 2023, I was lucky enough to spend three months in Seville (Sevilla), in Andalucia in southern Spain. I took my bike with me, a steel Squid Gravtron, to explore the local (and less local) areas. (Power-scroll to the bottom for the Komoot routes and GPX tracks.)

A sign on the Ruta del Plata: animo! 

After finding online map data incomplete, often giving directions to locked gates, lost in one-way systems, or along paths that don't exist (and haven't existed for a long time), I decided to pubilsh my five favourite rides, to help anyone else looking for a gravel experience from Sevilla.

My bike and I taking a break

I set each ride to start and finish at the excellent Muy Coffee on Coreduria, brilliantly operated by Les Hermanos del Cafe, and conveniently oppisite the excellent Vegani sandwich shop. (Not vegans, hush: their sandwiches are excellent and filling. Vegans: put your arms in the air like you just don't care! \o/ )

The ruins of Munigua

If you'd rather finish on a beer, on the other side of the square you'll find Hops and Dreams, which has eight taps of craft beer available, and excellent (chips|fries). Either way, what bliss?

Looking across a riverbed and valley north of Sevilla

Some of the gravel is smooth, some is rough washboard, but at no point did I feel the need for suspension: the 650b/48mm René Herse Juniper Ridge tyres on carbon rims did a good job of keeping me fresh.

An oak tree with its arms spread wide 

Most towns will have a water fountain, and will serve (bad) coffee: the safest bet is to ask for a café solo pequeño; the equivalent of a short espresso, and to add sugar.

An old fortified tower by the Ruta del Plata

Cycling in Andalcuia has been wonderful: drivers are incredibly respectful, and over three months, always passing at a safe distance. I saw someone pulled over for wearing headphones, which carries a €190 fine (I think), so don't be that person. Bike lanes are normally bi-directional, painted green, and separated from the road: use them when they're available to save being honked at.

With that (beta|meta|DOPE) out of the way, onto the rides...