Further Popcorn Research

Continuing the earlier research into popcorn, I bought a ‘blended’ popcorn product: Farmer’s Popcorn Cob. This provides a rustic looking cob, and a convenient microwave bag, which reminds one to recycle, and suggests microwaving at high power for two minutes.

As the pictures below detail, high power at two minutes did a little more than expandthe kernels. Still, the ones that burst and didn’t burn were good, but not quite as good as the earlier pan-popped ones. (I attribute this to the smaller amount of electrons allotted to America, and would suggest reducing to medium power for two minutes.)

Aside; the web page promises that “kids love to watch it pop fresh off the cob in the microwave.” Quite how I’m not sure, unless the average child now comes equipped with paper-bag penetrating vision.